2015 | Co-op Future Leaders Index White Paper

In the second year of an ongoing investigation into Australia’s young minds, the 2015 Future Leaders Index (created by the Co-op in partnership with BDO) takes a unique look into the lives of a 18-29 year olds today. Based on an extensive independent market research program involving interviews with more than 5,000 18-29 year olds nationwide (both university and non-university), the Future Leaders Index provides a validated, comprehensive insight into Australia’s Future Leaders . Again three White Papers were released. White Paper 1 – which brought under the microscope the current spending, saving and debt habits of this generation of Australians revealing the label of Generation Concerned. White Paper 2 - investigated Future Leader’s lifestyles in more detail and White Paper 3 – discussed Future Leaders’ attitudes toward career and employment.

Part 1: Spending, Saving & Debts - May 2015
Part 2: Busy, Stressed & Unhealthy - June 2015
Part 2.a: Overview Infographic - June 2015
Part 2.b: The Great Gender Divide Infographic - June 2015
Part 3: Career & Employment - November 2015
Part 3: Career & Employment Infographic - November 2015

Spending, Saving & Debts
Busy, Stressed & Unhealthy
Overview Infographic
The Great Gender Divide
Career & Employment
Career & Employment - Infographic

2013 | Co-op Future Leaders Index White Paper

Developed in 2013 by the Co-op, Australia’s largest member owned retailer, the Co-op Future Leaders Index was the first of its kind to provide a completely unique and fresh look at the young tertiary educated minds of Australia. It was based on a wide-ranging market research program involving interviews with more than 2,000 young university level Australians nationwide. Through the release of three white papers the research broke new ground in providing a validated understanding of the needs, wants and aspirations of Australia’s Future Leaders. Contextually, this group will enter a job market shaped by the ongoing global macroeconomic predicaments, the resultant impact of the end of an unprecedented resources boom on living standards and the national sacrifices it will create, the rapid change in the technological landscape and its effect on their employment choices and lifestyles, a greater savings conscious, declining national productivity rates as well as an aging population. These issues will prove significant challenges going forward; especially when juxtaposed against the buoyant economic conditions they have only experienced in Australia in their lifetime. Three white Papers were released. White Paper 1 - revealed the emerging issues facing young educated Australians in 2013 are both significant and wide ranging. White Paper 2 - revealed young tertiary educated Australians are Gen S - ‘Generation Sensible’, who are also far more protected from the adult world when compared to generations prior. White Paper 3 - exposes a misalignment between Australian universities’ strong performance on a global level and student perceptions about the true value of their Australian degrees. It uncovered an undeniable nervousness amongst Australian’s Future Leaders about entering the real world, helping explain the planned mindset of ‘Generation Sensible’ uncovered in the prior white paper.

Part 0: Executive Summary - October 2013
Part 1: Employment & Politics - June 2013
Part 2: Lifestyle & Technology - August 2013
Part 3: Education, Income & the Future of Australia - December 2013

Executive Summary
Employment & Politics
Lifestyle & Technology
Education, Income & the Future of Australia
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