Experiencing Issues with coop.com.au ?

Problems that can occur:

  • Problems Logging in (Blank Screen, nothing happens)
  • Wrong products / info in the basket / Checkout – Showing incorrect products / information.

Why is it happening?

(Skip to Solutions if you don’t want to be bored with technicality)

When you visit a website, a cookie is stored on your computer, and a “screenshot” of the pages you visit are stored in  your browsers cache (“memory”).

The cookie holds information about your last sessions and behaviour on the website, and helps serving you the correct information when you revisit a website. I.E the products you put in your basket etc., It is this function that "remembers" what you previously put in your basket if you close the browser and return at a later point. Quite handy.

These cookies are generally holding more information about the website and together with your browser cache, they help serve a website to you fast and efficient.

When a website makes some changes - i.e to improve the website functionality, the old cookies and existing browser cache, will sometimes make conflicts with the changes. They usually go away by themselves as the browser cache expires. Typically after 24h-48h, but there can be situations where its longer or it just doesnt happen. Technical glitches do occur. Especially on Windows.

Bad Mac jokes aside...

For security reasons it’s not possible for coop.com.au (or any other website), to request your browser to delete the cookies or the cache it has saved.

As you can imagine, it would be quite a security issue, if they could.

Enough mumbo-jumbo!… How do I browse the site without Cupcakes and Bowsers!?



Incognito / Private Window

The fastest way to get arround Cache/Cookie issues is to visit coop.com.au in a Private Browsing window.

In Chrome it’s called “Incognito”

This technique completely bypasses all the caches and cookies, and you will see the site, as it is on our servers.


Try another browser

You can also use a browser you have not visited coop.com.au with in the past - as this will not have any cookies or caches stored the first time you visit the site.

coop.com.au is optimised for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.


Delete your browser cookies/cache

The final method is to delete the browser cache and cookies. You can find guides for all browsers and operating systems here:


After deleting the cache and cookies you need to completely close your browser program, and start it up again, for the cache and cookies to be emptied correctly. But be careful with this techniques. It really sucks, accidentally deleting all the saved passwords and log in credentials your browser remember for you on all other sites.

Sometimes it doesn’t work 100% and that’s why we are suggesting Point 1 and 2 as faster solution, so you don’t waste your time.


If none of the above are working for you, we probably can't keep blaming your browser.  :)

Please take the time to contact us either on the Live Chat, or through our contact form here , or through our  Facebook page Private Message.

Please include the following information in your first contact:

  • Screenshots of the issue you are getting.
  • Information on what/where it happened. A specific URL would be great.
  • What browser you are using.
  • What you have tried to resolve the issue.

With those informations at hand, we should quickly be able to assist you without too much hassle.

For other questions please refer to our FAQ here.