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About Victoria Univeristy

Victoria University began in 1916 in the western suburbs of Melbourne. VU offers not only undergraduate and postgraduate programs, but they also offer vocational training, pathways, apprenticeships, certificates and diplomas. Offering such a wide range of qualifications makes them one of a few around Australia that invests in all types of post-secondary school education. Victoria University offers a research program that has many focus areas ranking well above world standards. Their specialisations include applied informatics, creative arts & writing, diversity, communities & wellbeing as well as various sustainability, health, and active living. Victoria University is committed to offering a prestigious education to any student willing to learn, grow and apply to their lives and careers.

About the Co-op

The Co-op have been around since 1958, working hard to make uni life more affordable and stress free for university students around the nation. We count it a privilege to be on campus at Victoria University’s City King, Footscray and [xxxx] campuses, and are continually looking to stock products that are relevant to you, your degree, and getting you through uni. We have all the tech, stationery and organisational tools you could need, in addition to textbooks, in order to help you succeed. We also have Australia’s largest textbook buyback program! We know that once you’re done with textbooks oftentimes they can sit and simply take up valuable space. This is why we’ve developed this buyback program to ensure they go to good use, and on to the next student who is ready to learn. We purchase over 12,000 titles back, so make sure you check to see if yours is one of them!