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About the Partnership

The Co-op at the University of Technology exists to help you through Uni, with whatever you may need to succeed. We’ve created this page as a hub of information relevant for UTS students, whether this is what merchandise is trending, most popular textbooks or simply just where to find your nearest store – we’ve got you covered!

About The University of Technology, Sydney

The University of Technology is one Australia’s leading universities of Technology. UTS was officially establish on Australia Day in 1988, when it became a University after operating as New South Wales Institute of Technology prior to that since 1964. UTS prides itself on its practice-oriented learning, allowing for students to enter the workforce ready and prepared through professional practice. Offering over 130 undergraduate and 210 postgraduate courses, UTS covers a multitude of skillsets and specialities providing students with options that will lead to success. UTS currently caters to over 42,000 students, and is classed as the highest performing university in Australia under 50 years (Times Higher Education World University Ranking Top 150 Under 50 Rankings 2016).

About the Co-op

The Co-op was founded in 1958 by two university students. The pair realised that them, and their peers, could get discounts on textbooks if they bought them all together. Through this, the Co-op that exists today as Australia’s largest member owned retailer was born. True to the purpose that our founders had, we believe that we can offer the best prices in Australia on our product range to our members, especially when it comes to textbooks. This is why we offer Price Match – if you find your textbook cheaper from another Australian retailer, we’ll beat it! We know that sometimes it can be hard to find the textbook you need, which is why we’ve created our textbook search tool. This tool will take you to your course code and display the exact textbook you need – thanks to your lecturer! From our foundations of selling textbooks, we’ve expanded our range to include more products that will help you through your Uni days. This includes laptops, tablets, mobile phones, diaries, notebooks, pens and pencils, headphones and medical equipment.