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About the Partnership

The Co-op at the University of Sydney partnership was created for the benefit of you, the students. With both USyd and the Co-op existing for the purpose of making education more accessible, both are working for the future of Australia, and the world. With the belief that education is empowering, and should not be reserved only for the elite, we operate with the intention of bringing you what you need. The Co-op at USyd will continue to exist into the future, continuing to provide new students, existing students, faculty and professionals with the tools that you need to succeed in your studies and career.

About The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is passionate about moving forward. They’re committed to improving the world around, thinking progressively, breaking conventions and challenging the status quo. Established in 1852 as the first University in Australia, USyd has been paving the way for higher education in Australia for over 160 years. Proving their commitment from its early days, USyd welcomed women to study in 1881 – a full thirty years before Oxford University. The University of Sydney is part of the GO8, the Group of Eight Australia, which comprises of Australia’s eight leading research universities. This reflects USyd’s dedication to a brighter Global future through research, education and always looking forward and challenging the way of the past to pave way for a brighter tomorrow.

About the Co-op

The Co-op is Australia’s largest member owned retailer, and is constantly working towards making Uni Life stress-free and more affordable for students. With this in mind, the team are always thinking of how best this can be done. Not only are our team working hard to make Uni more affordable for you, but we’re also all about convenience. This is why we’ve created a textbook search tool that will allow you to find the textbook you need, right down to the specific course code! We’re here to provide you with all of your textbook, and general uni life needs, so we’ve packed our shelves with laptops, tablets, stationery, data storage, notebooks and other practical tools – just for you! We aim to be your one-stop shop, making each day on campus easier for you. The Co-op also has a wide range of medical equipment in store, which is useful for those in training and for those who are working professionals.