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about the co-op at uq

About the Co-op at UQ

We’ve created this page to ensure that all UQ students know where they can get their textbooks, uni stationery, uni merch and other handy uni goods from their first day, until their last. Here we’ve centralised everything: the textbooks you may need, UQ merchandise, UQ News and where to find your local store. This page is a hub, built just for you, so if there’s anything else you’d like to see here, get in touch with us and let us know! If you need any further assistance, our Customer Care Team are here to help. You can call on 02 9095 5500 or send them a request and they’ll happily answer your questions.

About UQ

The University of Queensland has three campuses across the state: St Lucia, Herston and Gatton. Founded in 1910, the University has expanded its field of education, as well as its field of research. UQ proudly supports women in leadership, socially responsible behaviour and delivering education of a high standard to all. Being one of the Top 5 Universities in Australia, UQ boasts one of the largest research programs in Australia, UQ is also within the Top 50 and Top 100 Universities from some of the most prestigious ranking systems around the globe. UQ has a reputation of providing students with a high quality education through a high standard of teaching expertise and assessments that will prepare students for the workforce. They’ve awarded over 3000 PhD’s in the last five years through their research program, these researchers also receive award after award, with five research awards already won in 2016. We hope you love learning here as much as UQ love teaching, researching and learning with you!

About the Co-op

We’ve been in existence for almost 60 years, and our aim is to help you succeed at uni while saving you as much cash as possible. We’re member focused, and as such we aim to provide as many discounts as we possibly can on textbooks, but we also stock a range of other products at a discount that may come in handy for you throughout your time as a UQ student. In addition to selling you useful products, we also have Australia’s largest Textbook Buyback Program, we buyback over 12,000 titles! This means that not only can you get money back on each semester’s investment, but you have access to many high quality second-hand textbooks that are sold far below a brand new textbooks RRP.

We’re here to help make uni life easier for you, so if there’s ever anything you need, please let us know!