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About the Partnership

Welcome to the Co-op at UC Bruce! We’re you’re local on campus retailer, here to provide you with the textbooks your lecturers have prescribed you to ensure you learn to the best of your ability each semester. We’ve formed a partnership with the University of Canberra to ensure that you always have what you need for uni at your finger-tips, making your life as smooth sailing as possible. Both UC and the Co-op understand that studying can be stressful, which is why we’re here to help – with whatever you should need to succeed in your studies!

About The University of Canberra

The University of Canberra was preceded by the Canberra College of Advanced Education, which was established in 1967, and set the platform for the direction UC has taken since attaining University status in 1990. With a heavy focus on providing excellence in tertiary education to all, the university makes a continued effort to provide a range of professional degrees leaving graduates work-place ready, as well as undertaking meaningful research that leads to economic, environmental and social sustainability. With the university campus based in Bruce, Canberra, the University of Canberra also partners with tertiary education providers in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and overseas in an effort to ensure their offering of education is available to as many people as possible. The University of Canberra also works with University of Canberra College; this enables students a pathway into University should they need it.

About the Co-op

The Co-op was established in 1958 by students and for students. Seeing a need to make Uni life more affordable for students, the two founders set out to find a way to make textbooks cheaper for themselves – and for their peers! This led to what we see today, Australia’s largest member-owned retailer, selling textbooks at the lowest price of any Australian retailer (and, if you see it cheaper anywhere else – we’ve got a Price Beat promise to ensure we match it!). The most important thing to us as a company is making uni life less stressful and more affordable, this is why our team is constantly working to provide you with the best prices, service and accessibility to products. With a store at UC Bruce, we’re here and ready to see how we can help you to make uni life easier, see you soon!