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About the Partnership

The Co-op at the University of Adelaide joined together in 2016 to bring what students need to succeed in their education to their doorstep. For wherever students are in their degree, the Co-op store at the North Terrace campus exists purely for the benefit of students, teachers and professionals needing equipment. Both Adelaide Uni and the Co-op are passionate about education and believe that though the pursuit of knowledge can at times be stressful, bringing the necessary tools for success within reach aids in minimising stress. Welcome to the Co-op at Adelaide Uni

About The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide was established in 1874, becoming the third university to open in Australia. Its history is rich with notable alumni, five Nobel laureates, 104 Rhodes scholars as well as being a member of the Group of Eight and the Sandstone Universities. In 1882, Adelaide Uni became the first University in Australia to give degrees in Science. With four campuses across South Australia in the CBD, Waite, Roseworthy and Thebarton, Adelaide Uni has a vast array of degrees stretching from media and communications to science, engineering and medicine. The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 1% of Universities around the globe from efforts in research, expertise in teaching and through pursuing innovation. With five key faculties; Arts, Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences, Health Sciences, Professions and Sciences, the University of Adelaide aims to provide South Australia with graduates that are highly educated, with wisdom and the ability to enter the workforce ready for any challenges they may face.

About the Co-op

Joining the University of Adelaide in 2016, the Co-op comes with near 60 years of experience in textbooks, uni-life and being a student! The Co-op was founded by students, for students and over the years has become the largest member owned retailer in Australia. Because of this, we’re more committed than ever to providing our customers and members with the best deals we can on the products we offer. From textbooks to stationery to board games to candles, we’re working hard with you in mind.