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About the Partnership

The Co-op at ANU is here for one purpose: you. This partnership was formed to ensure that you’ve got access to the education you need to succeed, and the tools you need to fulfil that. There’s not much more to it than the fact that both the Co-op and ANU are passionate about education, learning and working together for a better future. Whether you’re a brand-new student at ANU or you’ve been around for years, we’re here to see you grow!

About The Australian National Univeristy

Australian National University is Canberra’s leading University, located in the inner-city suburb of Acton. Whilst primarily operating out of this campus, ANU also has a presence in the Northern Territory and New South Wales. ANU has a large focus on research, providing excellence in education and societal transformation through public policy. Finding its centre in Australia’s capital and being neighbour to the nation’s political hub, the stage was set early in ANU’s history to be committed to leading in policy research, design and analysis. This policy research reflects ANU’s commitment to creating a better future for Australia and the world. Not only will you learn about you chosen major at ANU, you will become part of a National University dedicated to a better tomorrow.

About the Co-op

The Co-op exists for you. Being the largest member owned retailed in Australia is no small feat, and it’s something we take very seriously. Our core purpose is to make Uni life more affordable and less stressful for you, in whatever way we can. This is why we work hard to produce the best prices on any product we offer, so that you can get what you need for Uni life without breaking the bank. We stock all the textbooks you can need, and to make things easier, we work with your lecturers to give you the exact textbook you need for each specific course through our textbook search tool. We know that you need more than textbooks to survive and thrive in Uni, so we also ensure we’ve got the necessary range of technology, stationery and relaxation products you’ll need to make it through. Come in and see us for your data storage, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, diary, notebook, pen and pencil needs – we’ve got you covered!