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How It Works


Use the Buyback Search

To check whether your book(s) are eligible to sell back to us, simply type the ISBN(s) into the search bar above. You do not need to have originally purchased your book through the Co-op to be eligible for a buyback.


If your book(s) are eligible, you are welcome to bring them into any Co-op store and our friendly store staff will return the funds to your payment card of choice. Unfortunately we can't give cash payouts.


Alternatively, you can choose to have your money refunded in Co-op Gift Card form and receive an extra 10% of the amount you’re receiving back!

Just a heads up - whilst we try and keep the buyback list up to date, sometimes we may quickly reach our maximum of a particular title. If you're lugging books into a store, it's a good idea to check in with us first to ensure we can buy yours. Find your nearest store via our Store Locator page!

Oh and one more will also need some form of photo ID when selling us back your textbooks.

  • Buyback is only available in person in-store.
  • The Co-op will only buy back selected text books so check the ISBN in our Buyback Search before heading in-store.
  • We will update the list as often as possible however once we have reached our buyback capacity on any title, we reserve the right to refuse books which may still be listed online.
  • Members and customers wishing to accept their buyback payment in the form of Co-op gift vouchers will receive an additional 10% of the amount being offered (i.e. offer = $40, gift voucher offer = $44).