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I apply to be admitted as a member of University Co-operative Bookshop Limited ("the Co-operative") and to be allotted 1 share of $1 in the Co-operative. In full payment for the membership and administration fee, I enclose the sum of $25.00.

I acknowledge that the Co-operative has made available for inspection at the Co-operative’s registered office at Level 1, 15 Foster Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 a copy of the consolidated rules of the Co-operative (“Rules”), a copy of all special resolutions that would apply to a prospective member passed by the members of the Co-operative (except those relating to amendments of the Rules) and a copy of the latest annual financial reports of the Co-operative.

I agree to be bound by the Rules.

In making this application I declare as follows:

1. I am over 16 years of age; and

2. I will purchase goods from the Co-operative during the next 6 years.

I understand that:

1) The Board will consider my application and, if approved, I will be allotted the share and my name will be entered on the Register of Members. I will not receive any notification of acceptance of my membership application. If my application is rejected, the Co-operative will send me a written notification and a refund of my membership application moneys and administrative fee (without interest) to the address specified on this form within 30 days of such rejection, and my entitlement to use the Co-operative card issued to me upon application will cease;

2) The Co-operatives National Law as amended from time to time ("the CNL") requires the Rules to impose a duty on all persons who become members to be active members of the Co-operative. In order to remain an active member, I must make a purchase from the Co-operative during the 6 year period as follows:
a) If my application is accepted, I will be deemed to be an active member of the Co-operative for a period of 6 years from the date on which my name is entered on the Register of Members (“Period”);
b) My active membership of the Co-operative will cease if I fail to renew it prior to the expiration of the Period;
c) I can renew my active membership for a further period of 6 years by lodging a renewal form with the Co-operative and completing the declaration on the renewal form that I have purchased goods from the Co-operative within the preceding 6 years;
d) There is no limit on the number of times that I can renew my active membership. Each renewal will be for a further period of 6 years;
e) I will not be required to pay any fees to renew my active membership;
f) If I am not an active member, I will not be entitled to vote or stand for election on the Board, but as an inactive member I remain entitled to members' discounts; and
g) If I am an active member and I am under 18 years of age, I understand that I will not be entitled to vote.

3) Shares in the Co-operative are non-transferable and non-refundable;

4) I may elect to receive an electronic or hard copy of the Co-operative’s annual financial reports (“Annual Reports”). I request the Co-operative not to send me any Annual Reports, whether as an electronic or hard copy; and

5) The Co-operative may at its discretion change these Membership Terms and Conditions at any time without giving me prior written notice. Upon becoming a member of the Co-operative, I agree to receive communications from the Co-operative by email or other electronic means about its products and services and third party partner information and offers (including, but not limited to, news, travel, charity, financial and telecommunication goods and/or services) that the Co-operative believes may be of interest to me. I understand that to the extent permitted under the CNL the Co-operative may also provide notification to me by way of the Co-operative’s website at I understand that I may opt out of receiving communications at any time by selecting the opt-out function in the communications from the third party. I may opt out of communications from the Co-op by logging into my account at and updating my preferences.

These membership terms and conditions have been amended and adopted effective from 31 August 2015.