About Learning for Life

The Co-op Bookshop, Australia's largest provider of educational and lifelong learning resources, is a proud supporter of Learning for Life and together with the Smith Family offers support to tertiary students seeking assistance.

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All Co-op Learning for Life participants receive a 20% discount on all resources (excluding software and items marked "NETT") purchased from The Co-op Bookshop once they become a Member. The savings for participants can be quite substantial - for example if you would normally spend $600 on textbooks, notepads, stationery and reading books - this offer means you will only pay $480 - a saving of $120!

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Learn more by visiting the The Smith Family
Find details on how to become a Co-op member

To assist with the program The Smith Family will cover the Co-op Bookshop Membership joining fee of $20 for participants of the Learning for Life program.