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About the Partnership

The Co-op at Flinders University is here to give you access to what you need for your time at uni. Both Flinders and the Co-op are committed to and passionate about your education. This is why we work together to provide you with the tools you need, from our textbook search tool that gives you the exact textbook you need for your course, thanks to your lecturer, to the pen you write with and the paper you write on. With years of experience between Flinders and the Co-op, together we aim to make your uni experience one to remember. Welcome to the Co-op at Flinders!

About Flinders University

Flinders University was established in 1966 as Adelaide’s second University, in the southern suburb of Bedford Park. Named after Matthew Flinders, the university pays homage to the explorer through more than its name, but its crest having a ship and an extract from his book. Going through many changes over the years, the opening of Flinders Medical Centre and later Flinders Private Hospital nearby and the opening of their Tonsley campus in 2015, Flinders pursues excellence and moving forward into the future with courage. Flinders has developed from a University offering less than ten courses and four hundred students, to now educating over 25,000 students from 100 different countries and having more than 160 courses offered through its four core faculties. With an emphasis on research, constant development of key areas of future relevance such as nanotechnology, medical breakthroughs and engineering, as well as being home to the Flinders Drama Centre, the University has earned its place in the top 300 of Universities worldwide. While Flinders began at Bedford Park, there are now campuses in Victoria Square, Tonsley, the Barossa, Port Lincoln, Mt Gambier, Renmark, Victor Harbor in South Australia, as well as campuses in Victoria and the Northern Territory. Flinders University proudly has four graduates that have made the exclusive and well-respected list of Rhodes Scholars.

About the Co-op

The Co-op opened at Flinders University's Bedford Park campus in 2016 to provide Flinders students with on-campus access to what is needed to succeed in their studies. The Co-op exists entirely for the benefit of students, teachers and industry professionals. With the sole purpose of providing customers with textbooks and necessary uni equipment at the lowest prices possible, the goal is to make uni-life less stressful and more affordable. Stocking medical equipment such as stethoscopes and fob watches, the Co-op is here to be of assistance from your first day on campus, all the way through to your days as a professional in the medical field. Furthermore, we keep technology such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones on hand to ensure that no matter where you’re up to in your studies, you can get the tools you need for success. Our team are committed to giving you the best service, products and experience so come in and say hello next time you’re on campus to see what we can do for you!