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About the Partnership

The Co-op at Curtin University is here to make Uni as stress free as possible for you, the students. Curtin work hard to provide a world class tertiary education, as well as renowned research and postgraduate studies. The Co-op work with Curtin to ensure that every uni student has the access they need to the textbooks and equipment required to make their way through any given class. Both Curtin and the Co-op are passionate about education and will continue to be, long into the future. Welcome to the Co-op at Curtin!

About Curtin Univeristy

Curtin University was officially established in 1987, becoming the third university in Western Australia. Curtin is currently ranked fifth in Australia for research in science and nature, and postures itself with a commitment to the environment, community and world surroundings. Curtin currently has seven locations around Western Australia, one in Singapore and one in Malaysia. At the moment, there is a campus in Sydney, which is closing in early 2017. Curtin University is committed to not only reaching and teaching those in a local environment, but also reaches out to regional areas of Western Australia, in Albany, Geraldton and Port Hedland. In addition, Curtin has offshore partners in Hong Kong, China, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

About the Co-op

The Co-op was established in the late 1950’s, giving it years of experience when it comes to uni life and what’s needed to get through it with ease. Being the largest member owned retailer in Australia, the Co-op team work hard to provide the best prices on textbooks, technology, stationery and other necessary items that make up Uni Life. The Co-op’s goal is to make uni life more affordable and stress free, and have created tools to achieve this. One of the ways the Co-op works with your lecturers is through your required readings. Through the Co-op’s textbook search tool, you can find the exact textbook you need, right down to the course code!