Coupon FAQs

What are the Co-op's coupons for?

We'll send you coupons every now and then to reward you and show our appreciation for your loyalty to us here at the Co-op. One of our main purposes for existing is to make Uni life more affordable for you and to help you succeed, and we know that one way to do this is to provide you with a Co-op voucher or a Co-op coupon every now and then.

How do I use a coupon?

To use the Co-op coupon code, you’ll need to go through to the checkout and enter your unique coupon code into the ‘Coupon/Voucher Codes’ box. Please note that this isn’t the same as using a Co-op Gift Card to pay for your goods – that’s on the next page of the checkout!

Why did I get sent a Co-op discount code?

There’s a few reasons you might have received a discount code from us. We send them out every now and then just to say thanks (and we’re thinking of you!). If you don’t wish to receive coupons or discounts from the Co-op, you can update your email subscription settings through your online account.

Can I use my Co-op code in a store?

Absolutely! We maintain continuity between our online store and physical stores, which means that any coupon you receive from us can be used both in your local Co-op store and online.

Is a Co-op coupon the same as a Co-op discount code?

Yes! It sure is. Co-op coupon code, Co-op voucher code and Co-op discount codes are all able to be used in the same way when you’re going through the checkout to provide you with a (further) discount on your purchase!

Are there any products that I can't use a Co-op coupon with?

There are certain limitations based on the coupon you receive. Be sure to check out the coupon Terms & Conditions that come with your code.

Can non-members use the Co-op’s coupons?

Coupons are an exclusive addition to the list of Co-op membership discounts, meaning you’ll need to be a member to enjoy these. So, why not become a Co-op member today and start receiving the benefits straight away?