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About the Partnership

The Co-op at Australian Catholic University exists just for you. We’re in operation to ensure that you have access to what you need for you studies, when you need it! Both ACU and the Co-op believe in the power of education creating a better tomorrow for our world, and we are dedicated to seeing that fulfilled. With that, we welcome you to the Co-op at ACU!

About Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University began on the 1st of January, 1991 after four catholic College’s amalgamated to form a public University. ACU has seven campuses around Australia, in Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, North Sydney, Strathfield and Adelaide. ACU are committed to providing students with the knowledge they’re pursuing through their studies, as well as ensuring every graduate completes their study with a desire to be critical thinkers, respectful of humanity and passionate about the common good.

ACU’s research institutes are diverse, with seven separate institutes. These are the Institutes of: Positive Psychology & Education; Health Research; Learning Sciences; Religion and Critical Enquiry; Health and Ageing; Social Justice and Religion, Politics and Society. With these areas of research a focus for ACU, it highlights the importance to both the University and students of wanting to create a better world for all, both environmentally and socially.

About the Co-op

The Co-op was established in the late 1950’s with a desire to make university life more affordable and less stressful. We’re located at ACU Strathfield, ACU North Sydney, ACU Brisbane and ACU Melbourne to provide you with ease of access to all the tools you need to succeed in your studies, or your professional career! Our team is always working hard to make sure that we’re providing you with the lowest price on textbooks in Australia, because we’re committed to keeping the prices as low as we can for you! We keep our stores on campuses because we believe that’s the best place for us, and for you. Keeping ourselves close to you ensures that whenever you need us – we’re there. Whether it’s for textbooks, technology, ACU apparel or stationery, we’re here and we’re committed to giving you the best prices, service and experience we possibly can. We’d love to see you in store soon!