About the Co-op

The Co-op is Australia’s largest member-owned retailer, with over 2 million members joining since our co-operative was founded by students in 1958. We are the largest provider of tertiary and professional educational resources which students can access online and at university campuses around Australia. Our mission to make uni life affordable and stress free is supported by our wide range of textbooks, general books, stationery, tech, gifts, STEM/STEAM educational products, games, medical supplies and uni gear.

Why we're different

We are a co-operative, owned by our members - over 2 million of them! So, all profits are returned to members through member only discounts and lifelong access to special offers and rewards.


Financial Report 2017-2018

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Where to find us


Our stores can be found on University campuses all across Australia. To find your nearest store, view our list of Co-op store locations.



Company Name: University Co-operative Bookshop Ltd
Australian Business Number (ABN): 70 009 937 160