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The Co-op

The Co-op is Australia’s largest and Official supplier of textbooks , educational, development and learning resources. We stock quality textbooks which cover a broad spectrum of university subjects, TAFE courses and other learning institutions. The large range on offer means that the Coop has you covered whatever you are studying this semester, from nursing, law and business, through to engineering and psychology.

Our product range goes beyond textbooks and educational supplies offering a huge choice of fiction and non-fiction books, tech items, Pop! Vinyl collectables and even medical supplies. We aim to provide quality service and support for our customers throughout all stages of their career and life changes.

We are located in over 60 universities and learning institutes across Australia, and our online bookstore means that you can shop at the Co-op 24/7. With free shipping on orders over $50 and our textbook exchange buyback scheme, it makes sense to shop at the Co-op for textbooks, tech items, university merchandise, gifts and more!

As a co-operative we are owned by our members, currently we have 2 million members making us the largest Australian member owned retailer. All profits are returned to members through discounts with up to 50% off textbooks and other products in our online bookshop. The Co-op provides sponsorship and support for campus activities, including support for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, AIME, increasing the admission rate of Australian Indigenous students throughout Australia.