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Vitalsource eBook Fulfillment

VitalSource eBooks can only be read using the VitalSource Bookshelf reader software or application. VitalSource Bookshelf is available free for computers (PC and Mac), Android devices, and iPhone/iPad and can be downloaded from Vitalsource.

The first time you buy a VitalSource eBook this is the process to follow:

1. Get the eBook access code from your email.  2. Download VitalSource Bookshelf from  3. Create a VitalSource account.  4. Enter your access code in Redeem Code.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. A few seconds after you buy a VitalSource eBook an email with the subject "Your Co-op Bookshop eBook Purchase Details" will be sent to you. The email includes a link to this page and also has your eBook Access code.
  2. Download and install the appropriate version of the VitalSource Bookshelf from VitalSource website Instructions to install the app are online, with information for PC and Mac here.
  3. After installing the software or app you'll need to create an account before you can use your eBook access code. Details are here.
  4. Now enter your Access Code using the Redeem Code option, here.
  5. You now have the eBook on your Bookshelf and you can start reading.

If you already have the VitalSource Bookshelf installed and have just got a new VitalSource access code, open the reader, choose the Account link along the top navigation bar, and choose the Redeem Code option.

Additional information and technical support is available from but these frequently asked questions may help.


What is it?
VitalSource eBooks are eBooks that are downloaded to your computer using the Bookshelf software. All your VitalSource eBooks can be accessed from Bookshelf.

Can I make highlights?
Yes. You can highlight sections (there are four categories/coloured highlighters) and make notes within the eBook.

Can I share my highlights?
Yes. You are able to subscribe to friends highlights. Your friends need to activate this in their VitalSource Bookshelf software for it to work.

Is it downloadable?
Yes. The VitalSource Bookshelf software must first be downloaded and then the purchased access code is redeemed through Bookshelf to download the eBook onto your computer.

What degree of interaction is in it?
You can search, highlight and take notes in your VitalSource eBook.

Is it compatible with all types of computers?
Yes. VitalSource Bookshelf software is compatible for PCs and Macs.

Can it be shared?
No. A VitalSource eBook can be downloaded multiple times if a computer is lost/data wiped etc. This is designed to assist where the file is lost, accidentally deleted, or corrupted.

Can I print it out?
You can only print 5 pages of your Pearson VitalSource Edition at a time. If you need access to the printed version of the text you can buy the text on this website.