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About the Partnership

The Co-op at Macquarie University exists for one reason: you. Both Macquarie and the Co-op are passionate about education and seeing students, faculty and professionals excel in all that they do. This is why we’re on campus, at your fingertips, ready to help you in any way we possibly can. At that, we’d love to give you a warm welcome to the Co-op at Macquarie! Here you will find a hub of information relating to Macquarie, trending books, merchandise and other events that may be happening around campus. See you around soon!

About Macquarie University

Macquarie University caters to over 40,000 students and 2,000 staff on their 126-hectare high-tech campus. MQ is in the top two percent of universities around the globe, and produces a consistent flow of graduates that are ready for the workforce. Macquarie’s pioneering and innovative approach to research has resulted in the University having a 100% strike rate – all research has been ranked at world standard and above! Macquarie is all about planning for the future, and their research priorities show it. Focusing on healthy people, resilient societies, prosperous economies, a secure planet and innovative technologies they have created a recipe for longevity and significant positive impact to society. Though Macquarie is a reasonably young university, it is innovating its way into the future and providing a place of prestigious education in first-class facilities.

About the Co-op

The Co-op was created in the late 1950’s as an answer to all uni students tired of paying too much for their textbooks and uni supplies. The two founders realised that if they bought textbooks in bulk, they’d receive a discount that they could pass on to their peers. This concept turned into Australia’s largest member owned retailer and the Co-op you see on campus at Macquarie today. We are continually working hard to ensure that we’re giving you the best prices in Australia for your textbooks! It’s our goal to make uni life less stressful and more affordable, so we’re here for your benefit. One way we’re working to make life more convenient for you is by getting in touch with your lecturers and compiling a textbook search tool that allows for you to find exactly what textbook you need at the click of a few buttons, right down to your precise course code! Our store is stocked with everything you could need to succeed in your studies, from textbooks all the way through to laptops, tablets, mobile phones, pens, pencils, medical equipment, diaries and notebooks – we’ve got you covered. If there’s anything you need, be sure to pop in store and see one of our friendly team.