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Jackie Collins

"Whatever you have a passion for, then you must do. If you want to write, write about something you know about. "

Jackie Collins used to be more famous for her personal life than for her writing, but after writing 32 novels best selling romance novels she will be known in history as an amazing English romance novelist. Unfortunately Jackie Collins passed away in 2015 due to breast cancer but not before having all 32 novels featured on The New York Times bestsellers list, having sold over 500 million copies translated into 40 languages and have 8 novels adapted for the small and big screen.


POPULAR!!! Poor Little Bitch Girl

Who is Lucky Saint?

She’s a fifteen-year-old wild child who discovered her mother’s murdered body floating in the family swimming pool when she was only five years old.

In Confessions of a Wild Child you will follow Lucky as she navigates her teen years – boys, drugs, family dramas, and many adventures from Greek islands to Vegas penthouses. You will meet the Santangelo family. Gino Santangelo, Lucky’s father, a powerful man with a dubious past, who owns hotels in Vegas and struggles to control his willful and stubborn daughter. And Dario, Lucky’s gay teenage brother who is too scared to reveal his sexual preference to his father.

In Confessions of a Wild Child you will discover how Lucky strikes a path to become the powerful and charismatic woman she is today.

Super-heroine of seven books and three mini-series, Lucky Santangelo is Jackie Collins’ most popular and beloved heroine.

Jackie Collins described herself as a juvenile delinquent which probably explains why she was expelled from Francis Holland School at the age of 15. According to insider sources, during this time she had a brief affair with Marlon Brando who was in his early 30s at the time. Her brief stint in Hollywood has inspired many of her books which are popular largely due to her insider knowledge of Hollywood and the glamorous lives involved in that world. In 1968, she quit acting and pursued a career in writing; a decision that paid off considering the immense success she experienced.

If you’re after some interesting books filled with sex, scandal and glamour have a look at these best sellers from Jackie Collins’ bibliography: The Stud, Lucky and Poor Little Bitch Girl.

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The Stud

By Jackie Collins

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By Jackie Collins

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Confessions of a Wild Child

By Collins, Jackie

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