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About the Co-op

The Co-op was founded by students in 1958. Today, we're Australia's largest Member owned retailer, with 1.8 million Members and 55+ stores. Not only are we the largest provider of educational, professional and learning resources, we also offer a huge choice of tech gear, games and software as well as clothing, stationery, beauty products, travel accessories and more - both online and in-store.

Why we're different

We're a co-operative, owned by our Members - 1.8 million of them. So, all profits are returned to members through:

  • Member only discounts
  • sponsorship and support for campus activities

We also thank you for being a Member with amazing offers, awesome rewards and money can't buy experiences.

Why join?

Here are the top 5 reasons to join the Co-op now:

  1. Member discounts of up to 50% off books and most things in store
  2. Amazing offers on clothing, food, holidays, gym and more
  3. Competitions and prizes
  4. Your first purchase could pay for the one-off Membership fee

Membership lasts a lifetime and costs just $25. So, join now!


Where to find us

There are over 60 Co-op stores - and counting. Many are on University and TAFE campuses all across Australia. To find your nearest store, view a list of Co-op store locations Or sign up, login and start shopping.